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Framing a landscape

Original Irish Art and Framing

I truly believe that every one of my original Irish art paintings speaks to me, and chooses its own frame. For years I have been dealing with The Quality Framing Company in Tralee. Richard, Nuala and Geraldine  are very professional.  I truly appreciate their attention to detail and trust their judgement.

How to Choose a Frame

The overall colour scheme of the painting dictates the colour of the frame. Then I decide on the the thickness of the frame. Then whether to put a gold or silver inset into it.

The painting will either be cool or warm toned. For example, a commission with a Dublin GAA theme and the Sam Maguire well the blues of the jerseys and the silver of the Cup will dictate a silver inset usually with  a white or off white frame.

When I paint a Kerry GAA piece with the Sam Maguire the inset would usually be gold because of the Green and gold of the Jersey shorts and socks.

If its a landscape (see image above ) I will always choose a warm or neutral frame with a gold inset because even it there are cool tones the overall theme will be one of warmth just because warm tones are more appealing in a landscape.

If the painting features the sea, a lot of times I will use a silver inset reflecting the cool atmosphere and waves.

For me the bigger the painting the thicker the frame. I also give thought to where in the house the painting will be hung.

To Frame or not to Frame

There are times when it is unnecessary to frame a painting. It is is a simple very small image for example an eight by eight ins fat canvas that can be hung directly on the wall.

These are great for little teddy bear paintings that are ideal gifts for a childs bedroom. It also cuts down the cost for the customer



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