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Two Teddy Bears dressed up for the evening Irish Art Irish Gifts

Irish Art The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Irish Art is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We all want to fill our wall space where ever we live. In Ireland therefor we have so much wonderful vibrant Irish Art to choose from.

For instance, there are beautiful landscapes and seascapes from a wide variety of artists,  vibrant urban scenes, and of course figurative art is always a great choice.

Here is a little sample of a bespoke piece I did as and engagement gift.  These little paintings are ideal gifts for engagement, wedding and christening gifts,

The Questions I Asked

This  commission I received  was just  ” Teddybears ”

How do they Dress ? What is her favourite colour ? What does the ring look like ?

The answers I received were,

Stylish, pink and single stone.

So I created a bespoke piece loosely based on the happy couple.

Here is the message I received from the bride and groom to be.

“Good morning Maureen, Thank you for a beautiful painting that made an amazing impression on us and squeezed our hearts.”

Would you like to have a bespoke piece of Irish Art commissioned for your self or a loved one ? Please use the contact button to get in touch. The Teddy Bear pieces are small usually about 8ins by 8ins.

They come either framed or unframed on a fat canvas, and  as a result are ready to be hung straight on the wall.

I get great pleasure from working on these little paintings, because  I love working on little shots of colour, putting patterns on scarves painting polka dots.

Another favourite of mine is the little details, a gold button on the cuff, a pearl earring, or a diamond ring.

However its the clothing that really captures my attention. As a result, I love painting shirts and ties, stripes on socks, or fancy shoes also.

Painting  teddybears is very forgiving work, because their imperfections make them the perfect subject matter for oil paintings.

In conclusion, please have a browse through my website for Irish Art Gift Ideas, there is plenty to see from GAA Art to paintings of little children caught up in the moment.

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