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Rhode Island Red Hens having breakfast

Irish Art Rescue Hens

I created this  painting Irish Art Rescue Hens, as a gift for Lisa Leahy to say thank you for the wonderful upgrade she gave to my website earlier in the year.

 Brandlly Marketing  and Lisa, came  highly recommended by a business in Killarney. So now I am paying it forward.

Lisa is very thorough and precise, with great attention to detail, and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

As a result I painted Irish Art Rescue Hens. I find  it is always a good idea  to work  a little outside of my comfort zone. This is my first time painting hens, and it has proved to be  a lovely challenge.

 When I paint a new theme, I always do  research and study the subject first. So I found  some hens, to hang out with. After  I studied and sketched  them, I  took some photos. Then I looked at oil paintings of hens by  Mark O’Neill .  Marks’ artwork is fabulous, and I am a big fan.

Hens are (forgiving)  and as a result are really easy to paint.  Painting Rhode Island Reds calls for a lot warmth and depth. Burnt umber and alizarin crimson, and cadmium deep yellow hue were my go too colours, for the beautiful detail in the feathers.

I used a few different shades of green for the grass with  a rich blue to balance out the background. This is an oil painting on a 12ins by 12ins fat canvas.  Consequently, it can be hung straight on the wall with out framing. The paints I used here are Gamblin, and Windsor and Newton

Scramble and Judy

Their names are  Scramble and Judy. These beautiful Rhode Island Reds had been rescued by Little Hill Animal Sanctuary from a battery farm. I’ve seen the before and after photos and believe me, there is a huge difference.

It’s wonderful  to see that they are thriving now.

In conclusion,

I have now painted cats dogs hens, and cows. Painting animals is a real pleasure.

To inquire about  having your pets painted please contact me.  Or if you wish to view my current art please follow this link,  Current Artwork.


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