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Original Irish Art Robin Redbreast

By September 19, 2022No Comments

Robin Redbreast

Looking for a Uniquely Irish Gift this Christmas ?

Robin Redbreast Original Irish Art

I am doing a Limited Series of Original Irish Art Robin Redbreast paintings this year.  For Christmas 2021 I did a collection and they sold out very quickly. The paintings are approx 6ins by 6ins.

They come  beautifully framed  in a warm neutral colour and a gold inset.  The Quality Framers in Tralee frame these to perfection. The price inc p&p to anywhere in the world will be €185.

When a robin redbreast appears your loved ones are near


Little Robin Redbreast sitting on a branch

This well known phrase kept going around in my head last year as I was painting Robins.

In Ireland many people have a belief that when they see a robin their departed loved ones are near and take comfort that they are at peace.

Robins are little messengers from the spirit world reminding  us to uncover happiness.

They let us know we are entering a new phase of our lives and to let go of negative feelings and to embrace a new and happier chapter.

Ultimately they assist us in moving forward with dignity and grace.

I Am That Little Robin

I am that little Robin,

that sits upon a tree

Ising to you each morning

But you don’t know its me

I am that little Robin

in your garden every day

I will watch over you and be by your side

I will never fly away

Robin Redbreast Original Irish Art

I have no idea who to give credit for this poem, but it is simply beautiful. Thank you to everyone who supports my art and for all the wonderful feedback I recieved last year.

Four of these little paintings are now heading to the USA to their new home. New work starting next week so at present taking orders for these little Robins I hope to have them finished and ready to be mailed out at the beginning of November.


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