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Robin Reflection Irish Art.

A Robin Looking Through A Window At A Christmas Scene.

Robin Reflection Irish Art

This is a beautiful Christmas for a loved one. This painting is approx 7ins by 7ins before framing. The frame is a nice neutral grey with a gold inset. The price including postage to anywhere in the world is €185. This painting has now been sold.


Reflection Irish Art is one of a Limited Edition 2022 Series of Robin Paintings.

I produced a Limited Edition Series of Robin paintings for the Christmas Irish Gifts season for the last  two years.

These little paintings which are oil on board are very popular with a wide audience. Very reasonably priced and beautifully framed with a thick scooped warm grey frame and a gold inset.They are  painted on canvas board in oil paint.

Robins hold a special meaning for a lot of people. They bring messages of a loved one who has passed over coming back to say hello.

This well known phrase “When robins appear, a loved one is near ”  refers to the belief that when you see a robin it is a sign of a loved one who has passed on coming to visit.

Robins also symbolize, leaving the past behind, springtime, rebirth, a fresh start, living in the moment and being present.

Robin Reflection Irish Art

I got the notion to paint robins because one always appeared outside my studio while I was working. The robin would always sit on the ledge looking in the window.

I started doing quick sketches of the robins with left over paint at the end of the day and kept them as a reference points. I plan on painting a selection for Irish Christmas Gifts 2023


To enquire about having a robin painted please get in touch. I usually have one or two in stock. Otherwise it will take approx two months to complete.


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