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Irish Gifts Why Buy Them?


Why buy Irish Gifts ?

To answer the question; Irish Gifts Why Buy Them ? Plenty of reasons actually. There are so many beautiful Irish brands to choose from now. From Irish fashion to beautiful candles and chocolates. Then of course there are all the art and craft businesses and those who supply sporting equipment.  Local business owners know their customers, and carry uniquely Irish Gifts and Irish Art and goods. One of a kind pieces that can be personalised according to your wishes.

About Maureen O'Mahony Painting heirloomsFamily portrait by Maureen O'Mahony Portrait Artist

Strengthen the Local Economy

During lockdown small business had to shut their doors while Amazon doubled their income. Seriously Jeff Bezos has full and plenty don’t you think ?

Research has shown that when you buy from an independent locally owned business instead of from a corporate business, your money is then spent in local business and services thus strengthening the local economy.

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According to the ISME for every €10 spent locally it generates more that €40 of benefit to local communities. By switching just one tenth of our ‘imported shopping ‘ to Irish goods and services it would shift the balance in favour of local producers, manufacturers and retailers.

GAA Art Little Boy Kerry Jersey in the Sam Maguire picking up a football

The Personal Touch

Irish Gifts; A lot of the time you are dealing with the owner of the business or  producer, who have a greater understanding of their product. They connect with their customers on a personal level and are willing to go the extra mile.

Twins on Beach by Maureen O'Mahony Art

Carbon Footprint

Local businesses employ local people decreasing carbon emission. Buying  from farmers markets ensures fresh locally grown food.  If its not local it was brought by a boat, train or plane. The fuel consumption as a result raises your food miles. Less pollution and traffic congestion reduces the environmental impact.

Back view four girls on the beach

Everyones a Winner

Everyones a winner when you keep it local.You are making a personal investment in the community.  The benefits are you  get a great customer service and buying experience. The business and its employees get their livelihood in the community, everyone  thrives.

Twin boys loading a digger with turf #Irish Art, #irish gifts,

Two teddies playing peek a boo
Irish Gift pink teddy bear with a love heart reading a gift for you

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