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Daisy Boots Irish Art

Little girl looking into a Brown Thomas bag“Daisy Boots” Irish Art is a  commission from last year.

This painting  Daisy Boots Irish Art was a gift to a bride from all her family on her wedding day. It evoked  lots of lovely childhood memories for the bride and her family.

I have painted a lot of wellies with Brown Thomas bags, as a theme, somehow they just work.

The Window At Brown Thomas

“No one decks the halls quite like Brown Thomas”

Visiting the Brown Thomas window at Christmas evokes very special childhood memories for me personally. It was always  the count down to Santas’ arrival and a big shopping  trip.

 We would travel to Dublin for a big day out, in early December. Looking at the  Brown Thomas window, took our breath away. It  was a fabulous festive tradition in our house.

 The Brown Thomas window was a magical experience for us. These magical moments are little cherished treasured memories from childhood.

A unique Irish Gift, these Brown Thomas paintings, feature little children usually in wellies.

Teddy bear in a Brown Thomas Bag

Each commissioned painting is a bespoke gift  for the person who will receive  the painting.

Would you like to include

a special toy, or a favourite colour?

The idea for these Brown Thomas paintings came about watching my nieces over the years opening their gifts BTs’ and their lack of concern for the value of the gift or of how special Brown Thomas is.

Which is basically just little children being little children. As a result I developed the ideas for these paintings.

I paint in rich vibrant oil paints usually on canvas board. The paintings come framed usually in a rich neutral off white colour with a gold slip.

I undercoat the canvas board,

 usually in vibrant pink acrylic oil to bring the painting to life, I sketch in the figure in oil paint.

Finally, do  you like my work?

In case you want to view anymore of my work please visit my paintings page.

To conclude,  any questions you would like. Or would you like to commission a painting ? Please see my commissions page and use the contact button.


Little girl looking into a Brown Thomas Bag

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