Little boy in Kerry Jersey in the Sam Maguire holding an O'Neills ball

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  The original painting  ” Birthright” was donated  in loving memory of Tommy Brosnan to the Brosnan family to raise funds for IMNDA.  It was also to honour my brother in law,  Stocky O’Mahony. Both of these lovely gentlemen died from Motor Neuron Disease. The original painting was bought by Kerry GAA through Bomber Liston . It was then sold in New York to raise funds for the Centre of Excellence I had always  wanted  to  paint an image  to capture  the emotional pull Kerry people have for the  green and gold jersey and their absolute belief that Sam Maguire belongs in the Kingdom. This special painting  needed a raison d’etre, and my inspiration came from witnessing the ravages of Motor Neurone DiseaseThis painting and fine art print  with Kerry Jersey and an O’Neills football has proven to be very popular with Kerry people at home and abroad.  

Birthright is  now  available to purchase as a fine art print below, or from Henneberys Sports store Tralee, and other outlets.

The reaction to this painting and print has been amazing, and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support, and to all who have purchased it. I would like to wish the Kerry team continued success, and the return of the Sam Maguire to Kerry once again in September.  

Each copy of Birthright comes with the following dedication:
Birthright….to the people of Kerry who believe that the Kingdom is the true home of Sam Maguire….and to all the mighty players past and present ……who made this belief possible.
Price: €140 (unframed)  including postage to anywhere in the world
Can be bought framed if you are local
GAa Image Bomber Liston Darragh O'Sé Maureen O'Mahony Presentation

Birthright  Kerry GAA  Fundraising Committee

Bomber Liston   J.P.  Brick  Seanie Walsh  John Tuite
Darragh O’Sé Maureen O’Mahony Ger O’Keffee
GAA image Darragh O'Se

Darragh O’Se                    Mighty Midfielder

GAA image Hospice Fundraising Birthright Print

Hospice Art Exhibition Maureen O’Mahony Margaret O’Shea

GAA image Ger O'Keeffe Maureen O'Mahony holding Birthright

Annual Bacon & Cabbage Night  Oyster Tavern   Maureen O’Mahony  Ger O’Keffee

GAA image little boy looking at photo of little boy Kerry Colours

The next O’Sé looking at Birthright

I think that John B Keanes description of a Kerryman is very apt for this page.

Being a Kerryman – By John B Keane
“Being a Kerryman, in my opinion, is the greatest gift that God can bestow on any man. When you belong to Kerry you know you have a head start on the other fellow. In belonging to Kerry you belong to the elements, to the spheres spinning in the Heavens. You belong to History and Language and Romance and Ancient Song. It is almost unbearable being a Kerryman and it is an awesome responsibility “.