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Master Class Hurling to the Core

As always I am blessed to have such great models.  For my GAA painting The Master Class Hurling To The Core

Here are Orainn and Rian, having a master class in hurling. Ahead of the All-Ireland  hurling final July I wanted to do a painting revolving around the two top teams in the country. The winner,

Limerick GAA showing the loser Kilkenny GAA tactics  to master the art of hurling.

It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game

When a child wins at sport it is very exhilarating. On the other hand when a child loses losing he or she learns  a very valuable lesson . How can the child appreciate the win if he or she haven’t experienced loss ? Did they enjoy the game ? Had they fun playing ? Team sports such as hurling are great.  You win or lose as a team so all the joy and pain is feltas a collective unit.


Winning encourages a child to give it their all, and increases self esteem. Furthermore a win helps them to have a sense of pride. In themselves and their teammates.

A victory in sport can increase self confidence and also help them to think strategically.

Losing is equally Important

Losing can help a child to learn from their mistakes. It also help them to develop their coping strategies, as well as resilience.

Empathy skills are developed from the experience of  loss.Furthermore it helps the child  to see the situation from another point of view. experiencing loss reached  children about self control and how to manage their emotions.

Hurling To The Core

There was fierce excitement in the heartland this summer.

This years All Ireland Hurling Final in July saw Treaty Men take home the McCarthy Cup for a historic third time in a row.  Well done to Limerick on their a great win.

Hard luck to the Cats on their two point loss. Better luck next year.


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Master Class Hurling To The Core,.Limerick hurler giving a solitary to a younger Kilkenny boy

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