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Unique Gift Ideas Little Teddy Bear

I love painting these miniature teddy bears . Please have a look at the other little bear paintings.


So this Little Teddy Bear is a great small gift. Ideal for special birthdays, christenings and wedding presents. They are framed and ready to be mailed off to a new home. Paintings are sent by An Post and the price of postage is included. Please allow five days for Ireland. Get in touch for time outside the Republic of Ireland.

Painting Teddy Bears is very forgiving work. There is a lot you can get away with with blurry edges.

This Little Teddy Bear

For this painting, I begin with a sketch, because it helps to visualise the finished image. I outline the bear in pencil first. If I’m happy with the first step, I choose the colours for the background next. Usually a nondescript grey, or a warm red/black combination for a rich image.

I put in the first layer of background colour down then start on the Teddy. I mix warm and cool creams and raw Sienna and some browns usually burnt umber which is a rich vibrant colour. Because it results in a warm toned painting.

The lights and darks are very subtle on teddy bears, The eyes nose mouth and inner ears being the darkest and upper face and ears being the lightest.

Eyes nose and inner ears next. An artist always have to make sure the darks aren’t too dark because it it would make the painting too dark. I must also remember to put a highlight in the eyes, because that is very important for the overall look now the painting.

So I wanted the colour shift in this painting to be subtle nothing screaming too loudly after all its a cuddly teddy bear. Also keeping the warmth in the painting. The pink is a nice subtle shade mixed with a deep red for the shadows. The skirt a soft deep denim colour and what about those cowboy boots ? A vibrant shade of brown that will contrast nicely with the colour of the Teddy Bear.

I paint big colourful bear paintings for childrens bedrooms on fat canvases too. But there is something l love about a small painting in a beautiful thick frame. So thank you for coming to my website, reading my little blog



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