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Irish Art Commissions

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Little Girl in a blue dress at the edge of the Atlantic Sea Irish Art Commissions

Irish Art Commissions

Dance There Upon The Shore

A short blog about Irish Art Commissions.

Commission art;  As a portrait artist, I absolutely love working on Irish Art Commissions.

As each piece is a new challenge, it allows me to grow as an artist from the experience of painting each one. In order to create a portait, I like to research the subject. Then generally I work from photographs of the painting’s subject doing what they love.

Little boy wearing striped pajamas in prayer pose with two teddybears and a miraculous medal

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

 It is usually a close family member, friend or colleague that commissions the piece, so I am able to find out about the subject’s background, their life and their personality.  Then my aim is then to capture their energy. Through my work I wish to convey the fleeting moments of time in the life of a loved one.  In addition, their personality has to shine through and somehow it always does.  The connection between the people in the painting must always be captured. I use photos for reference and I also work intuitively. This is very important because photographs only capture so much. When you Commission a painting of a valued colleague, friend or family member it really is an exceptional gift. I’m sure that will be passed down through the generations. That is why, when I paint art commissions, I believe I am painting heirlooms.

GAA boy portrait gift commission

To see examples and to read more about the process for commissioning art, please see my commissions page. Alternatively, if you would like to commission a portrait of a loved one or a colleague, please feel free to contact me to discuss your vision and we’ll see how we can make it a reality.

How to Commission Irish Art

Where possible, I go to the clients house because people are always more relaxed in their own environment. Children expect  posey photo, so I take them first.  Then after that, the real magic begins, as they forget about me and go about their daily business; be it work or play. This takes about an hour at the most. Also when capturing children, don’t worry if your child never sits still. I take it all in and always capture these moments. Where it is not possible to go to the home, I work from photographs and, wherever it is possible to take photos specifically for the portrait, I can advise how best to capture the subject.

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