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In Loving Memory Irish Art

By June 26, 2023No Comments

A beautiful tribute to a wonderful father

In loving memory Irish Art. I get a lot of requests for a painting to remember a loved one who has passed on. It is always an honour to work on these commissions. I alway ask questions to get a feel for the person.

Their life and personality. What were their interests ? How old were they ? Big family ? Travel ? 

Usually for this type of commission  the person is painted from  photos, or perhaps the painting is  a pair of glasses or a favourite book. 

A red apple

A Red Apple

This time the commission was quite simple

“just paint a red apple it was my fathers favourite fruit”

My paintings are usually of people a lot of time featuring GAA jerseys so this was a nice simple little commission. In fact I painted two of them.

.A Red Apple

The paintings were very well received by two sisters each now hanging in their kitchens.

To Commission an In Loving Memory Piece 

Through my work I wish to convey the fleeting moments of time in the life of a loves one. My aim is to capture their energy, their” inner light”

Old lady sitting in a chair.

I know that at times I am tasked with Painting Heirlooms that will be passed down through the generations-no pressure.

However it is also a huge privilege. People let me into their homes, their lives and their world becaurse they trust me and I always do my utmost to honour that.

Once I get working on a portrait piece I cannot be disturbed. I just keep going until I feel that I have captured something  special. Morning time is best for the detailed work. The eyes and facial features need to be captured perfectly. Hands also are very important.

I am in my studio by nine o’clock and start the day by mixing the colours I’ll be using. Podcasts are perfect for the morning but the afternoon are the concentration wanes its Spotify and easy music.

To see examples and read more about the process for commissioning art please see my commissions page.


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