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GAA Artwork

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Boy and girl arm in arm GAA jerseys walking #irishgifts #irishart

 Are you looking for a special gift that is uniquely Irish ?

Look no further than my GAA Artwork

Have a look through my GAA Artwork page for some samples of my work.  I love painting in bright and vibrant colours which works really well with GAA jerseys. Putting two jerseys from rival counties together usually includes a clash of colour as well. As a result a vibrant piece of artwork for your wall.

What I wish to capture through my GAA  artwork is the fierce bond and rivalry that exists between siblings, teammates and the ”other team”.

In essence the  strength of the GAA culture both here and worldwide.

These  GAA themed paintings are ideal special birthday, wedding corporate or christening gifts.

 ” Galway Girl and Mayo Boy”

This is my most recent  GAA  artwork themed painting. Fresh off the easel and hanging in its new home in Mayo.

This bespoke gift is of siblings, personalised to represent their ages and favourite counties. The hurley and football have to be displayed too.

Who commissions these pieces of  GAA artwork ?

Parents, sons daughters and Godparents

For Instance

Parents who want to have a visual memory of their children in their favourite jersey, busy at their favourite sport.

Sons and daughters who’s parent left Ireland a long time ago and settled in a foreign land but brought their grá for the GAA with them to their new country and instilled it in the new generation.

Family members who have a son or daughter who represented their county in Croke Park.

Corporations looking for a special retirement gift.

God parents looking for a christening gift.

Also those who like myself fully believing in the  ”from me to me” gifting process

Where do these GAA Art pieces end up ?

All over the world

Ireland of course, but also England Scotland and Wales. Across the Atlantic too. Mainly Chicago Boston San Francisco  and New York.

There are plenty of Irish in Australia too so another destination for the paintings and prints.

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