Here are a selection of my commissions.  Scroll down to seen FAQ’s. Feel free to email me

Two little girls in formal white dresses

Flower Girls   Wedding   Adare Manor

Little redheads playing on a swing


Two little girls white dresses

Fastening the Buttons

Little boy and girl Cork and Kerry GAA jerseys holding hands

Crossing the County Bounds  Cork and Kerry  Wedding Gift

Customized GAA paintings pick your county and your favourite number….

Wedding Gifts….    Special Birthdays….  Presentations….

Little girl in wheelbarrow with Grandad sunlight

Sunlight  That Special Bond      Those Fleeting Moments   A Gift From The Grandparents

Sam Maguire   Dublin Supporter   Communion Gift

Three boys polishing the Sam Maguire

Polishing the Cup    Cousins    Dublins’ Finest

 Sam Maguire

Here is a list of some commonly asked questions.

1). Do you paint from photos ?  Yes I like to take my own photos but if you have a favourite photograph of a loved one I’ll have a look at it and see if its suitable.

2). How long does a painting take ? Once I have the photos about six to eight weeks.

3). My kids won’t sit still can you paint them anyway ? Of course, I take lots of photos to make sure I get a few suitable to work with.

4). How much does it cost ?  Commissioned work starts at €500.  As every piece is unique prices vary depending on size detail and framing.

” I studied at the feet of the Old Masters “ 

Little girl on the beach blue and white striped dress

Maria  Banna Beach Co. Kerry

Through my work I wish to convey the fleeting moments of time in your loved ones life.  Their personality has to shine through, and somehow it always does.  If there are two or more in the painting, the connection they have to each other must be captured. I use photos for reference but work also intuitively. This is very important because photographs only capture so much. Paintings of your loves ones are gifts that keep on giving as they are passed down through the generations.

The Process.

Its painless. I usually go to the clients house because people are always more relaxed in their own environment. To begin I take ” posey ” photos first it’s what is expected.  After that the real magic begins. They forget about me and go about their daily business, be it work or play. This takes about an hour at the most. Don’t worry  if  your child never sits still.  These moments always get captured.

When the painting is complete, I invite you to my house to see it before its varnished. You and I have to be happy with it. If you live far away we will meet up at a convenient time and location. Please go to my  testimonials page to read what clients say about my work. It takes about six to eight weeks from photos to finish.

Two girls a boy country stroll

A country stroll   Big Sisters   Little Brother   Pink Dresses   White Socks

Two little girls pig tails pink dresses a feather
Beautiful Twins   The Closest Bond   Special Connection  Sharing Thoughts

Two little redheads on the beach holding hands

Banna Beach Siblings Little Redheads

Two boys Dublin and Kerry GAA fighting over the Sam Maguire
First Blood  GAA Commission  Original Sold Available as a Fine Art Print

Croke Park   Sam Maguire