Seanbhean na hÉireann

Just before Christmas 2017, I commissioned a painting of my 101 year old Grandmother.  Gran likes to call herself the head of the Stack Family, and rightly so – capturing that was the challenge posed to Maureen, and she really did capture the spirit of the legend that is my Grandmother. 

We call her the boss – because what she says goes! and both she and I were blown away by the final product. Maureen kept me up-to- date on the progress of the painting from the moment she took photos, right up to the finished product. If I was asked to use adjectives to describe Maureen’s work they would include ‘amazing‘, ‘stunning‘, ‘beautiful‘ and ‘outstanding in her field‘.

Maureen is also one of my clients at and I couldn’t recommend her work enough.

Ciaran “Twins at Play”

Thanks Maureen for the painting of my two scamps, the kids are still talking about it. A positive experience


Mary Walsh “Maria”

Maureen has painted my three children over the past few years. In each painting she has captured a unique moment of the child engrossed in play and has created a warm, enduring memory of that childhood in a style that is natural and authentic.


Margaret O’Shea Birthright

Having two sons who played for their county, one here and one in Australia, I thoughtBirthright was an appropriate image for them. Both of them have them hanging in their living rooms taking pride of place.


Marc O’Sé  Birthright

Maureens art and one of her most alluring for me was “Birthright”. This work of art symbolises Kerry patriotism and the passion that is the foundation of Kerry Football and Kerry People.  This has pride of place in my home and I look forward to building on the collection.



I found Birthright on the Kerry GAA website and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for my father. He was born in Kerry and left there in the 1940’s but still is on top of all the Kerry football doings. He passed that passion on to me also thus the need for two prints!