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Six Interesting Twin Facts

Six interesting facts about twins

Twin girls

Six Interesting Twin Facts

Six interesting Twin Facts. Of all the artistic  work I do,  commissions I get of children are my favourite. Paintings twins in particular are  very special. They share a unique bond and communicate in a very special way.  Visually they are very appealing, a beautiful little human by two. So here are six interesting twin facts.

1. Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints

When twin are conceived they start out with the same fingerprints. But as they move about the womb unique lines and ridges begin to form on each finger giving  them a little piece of individuality.

2.  Twins touch each other in the womb

From about 14 weeks gestation  twins can be seen reaching for each other. At 18 weeks they touch each other more than they touch themselves. A University of Padova study shows that they were gentle and made distinct gestures towards each other. 

3. Spot the difference

Because belly buttons are scars from the detachment of the umbilical cord and not caused by genetics each one is unique to the individual.


4. Mirror Image

Identical twins that develop directly facing each other are exact reflections of each other. This happens 25% of the time. So one is right-handed while the other is left handed. They can also have birthmarks on the opposite sides of their bodies.


5. Long live Mom

Generally speaking women who give birth to twins live longer than single birth Moms’ They are healthier and stronger to begin with, have a longer reproductive life spans and needed less time to recover between pregnancies.

6. The Dairy Connection

Women who eat dairy are more prone to conceiving  twins. Both cows and humans produce IGF in response to growth hormone and release it into the bloodstream.

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