Picture Perfect Portrait Study Masters Feet

Picture Perfect Portraiture Old Masters.  I Studied at the Feet of the Old Masters.

Every year in January I take a break from painting.  This is usually because I’m worn out from it and also to improve my technique. So what I do is choose a few artists that I’ve discovered through social media and look through their work. To achieve  ”picture perfect portraiture old masters”, I believe  it is necessary to study at the feet of the Old Masters.  Generally speaking the Old Masters are the most recognised artists mostly painters from the Renaissance to 1800. There is always something new to learn from their vast array of work.

To me a picture perfect portrait is one that captures at the persons essence, their spark, or inner light.  While it is important to get the painting technically right, lights shadows etc its way more important the the painting speaks to you. I’m aware that  this painting of Muireann is not perfect, but  believe it  does capture a moment in time. Happily so as upgrading my technique was the object of the study.

For christmas I got a wonderful book by Daniel F. Gerhart called  ” Not Far from Home ”. Daniel’s work is light bright fresh and free. He makes skin tone appear luminous. This is the painting I did after studying his work.

Another artist that I have recently discovered on instagram is Aaron Westerberg.  There is an  old mastery  ‘look ‘  to his paintings which I love. Also his simplicity of style. I’m studying his work to  do a painting in his style soon. It won’t look like his work. It’s not meant to, the idea is to look and learn, absorb information but never ever to copy. Aaron has  kindly posted a very simple visual step by step post of  ”Vintage Rose ”  on instagram. Thank you Aaron your work is wonderful.

Headshot girl Green Hat and Coat