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Portrait Man Shirt Tie Oil Painting

A Farewell to Arms Churchill Arms

A Farewell to Arms Churchill Arms. Thanks so much to Jerry and Margaret Cronin for this commission of their friend Gerry O’Brien. This charming gentleman was the manager of The Churchill Arms in Kensington  London for over thirty years. Apparently loved by all. I’m looking forward to meeting Gerry and presenting him with this painting. Special thank you to Thomas Skovsende   and  Fullers Smith & Turner  for allowing me to use photos by Thomas. As it was a surprise gift was wonderful to work with professional photos.  A great commission to get, taking me a little outside my comfort zone.  A change from GAA themed images and little children.

Twin Girls Red Dresses

Six Interesting Twin Facts

Six interesting facts about twins

Twin girls

Six Interesting Twin Facts

Six interesting Twin Facts. Of all the artistic  work I do,  commissions I get of children are my favourite. Paintings twins in particular are  very special. They share a unique bond and communicate in a very special way.  Visually they are very appealing, a beautiful little human by two. So here are six interesting twin facts.

1. Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints

When twin are conceived they start out with the same fingerprints. But as they move about the womb unique lines and ridges begin to form on each finger giving  them a little piece of individuality.

2.  Twins touch each other in the womb

From about 14 weeks gestation  twins can be seen reaching for each other. At 18 weeks they touch each other more than they touch themselves. A University of Padova study shows that they were gentle and made distinct gestures towards each other. 

3. Spot the difference

Because belly buttons are scars from the detachment of the umbilical cord and not caused by genetics each one is unique to the individual.


4. Mirror Image

Identical twins that develop directly facing each other are exact reflections of each other. This happens 25% of the time. So one is right-handed while the other is left handed. They can also have birthmarks on the opposite sides of their bodies.


5. Long live Mom

Generally speaking women who give birth to twins live longer than single birth Moms’ They are healthier and stronger to begin with, have a longer reproductive life spans and needed less time to recover between pregnancies.

6. The Dairy Connection

Women who eat dairy are more prone to conceiving  twins. Both cows and humans produce IGF in response to growth hormone and release it into the bloodstream.

Twins Painting Boy Girl

Special Bond



GAA Image Sam Maguire

Sam and Stories

GAA Image Sam Maguire

Sam and Stories GAA image Sam Maguire

Raised on Sam and Stories…..hero’s of renoun….of battles fought and Hill 16 and dear auld Dublin town.

 Good luck today  Dublin in the All Ireland Quarter Final against Monaghan. Stephen Cluxton will make history today for the most championship appearances in the history of the game.  Enjoy the match wherever you watch it. 

little girl pink dress sea

Into the Mystic Oil on Board

I’ve always loved the Van Morrision song Into the Mystic.  It reminds me of being pregnant with my daughter and playing it over and over to her after she was born. I was painting this as a little seascape during the week and heard Fenagh  ( now twenty six ) sing this while cooking lunch for us. I’m not sure if I made it mystical so I could use the title or if it just happened. But I’m happy with the result.

GAA Themed Christmas Cards

GAA Themed Christmas Cards……the lovely Ben Reynolds at a photo shoot in Croke Park last year.

Fabulous model lovely chubby cheeks and arms and of course the Dublin Jersey. Its only July but best to do the Christmas Cards early. There will be three. A Dublin one. A Kerry one, and a Dublin Kerry one. Watch this space.

Banna Beach little girl waves

On the in progress

On the shoreline……

On the shoreline. Work in progress…..back in the studio painting away. Little girl on the beach plenty of waves.  Will put finishing touches to this during the week, but so far I’m very pleased. This is Banna Beach in Co Kerry Trip Advisor’s  number 1 beach in their top ten beaches in Ireland for 2017

GAA themed Christmas Cards

GAA image two boys playing with Santa

Dublin v Kerry

These fabulous models Rian  and Eoin had a great time modelling for GAA themed Christmas Cards. The battle continues. The idea was that they would look like they were fighting over Santa Claus. Clearly that didn’t work out as they kept laughing and having the Craic. Looking forward to painting them next week.

Girl and Teddy

Little Girl and her Teddy.

I’ve always been lucky to have such wonderful nieces and nephews.

Over the years they have appeared in many of my paintings. 

Here is little Grace just strolling along.

Oil on Board.

Cats and the McCarthy Cup

GAA image Little boy pink lollipop McCarthy Cup Kilkenny colours Sliotár

McCarthy Cup   Sliotár   Hurley   Kilkenny Cats

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling

What you gonna do when you grow up ???

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling. Having done a GAA themed Fine Art Print Titled ” Birthright ” and dedicating it to the people of Kerry, it made perfect sense to turn to Kilkenny and their love for the McCarthy Cup.

Cats McCarthy Cup Kilkenny and Hurling

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling. Kilkenny Cork and Tipperary are known as the ” Big Three ” of hurling. Kilkenny have won the Senior All Ireland Hurling Championship thirty six times. Tipperary follow with twenty seven titles.  The championship has been played every year since 1887.  It is played on the first Sunday in September in Croke Park. If there are five Sundays in September the match is played on the second Sunday.

” In truth, hurling is a game all on its own. At the highest levels a joyous and ferocious ballet danced on grass. ” 

Dan Barry New York Times

Hurling has been played in Ireland for more than 800 years. Regarded as the greatest field sport in the world, it is a game of great skill  speed and dexterity.  The small ball can travel up to 150km/hr. CNN have listed the All Ireland Hurling Final  as second in “10 sporting events you have to see live ”  Not to worry if you don’t know what’s going on you’ll figure it out from the cheering and anguish of the fans. 

We have never heard sweeter music than that of the hurling field “

 “A hurling match is like a city of fire,  where the crackling of burning timber and the hissing of flames swell into the roar of conflagration. “

Michael Cusack


As always there are people to thank when it comes to access to the cup.  Mary Whelan from the  Design & Craft Council of Ireland and a big Kilkenny Hurling supporter got me access to the Liam McCarthy Cup.  Denis Rackard Coady the  “Keeper of The Cup ” very kindly allowed it to come to Kilkenny Castle Yard  for a few hours for the photos. 

  A special thanks to beautiful model/hurler Tomás Fitzgerald who turned up in the Kilkenny colours with his brother Micheál  and sister  Caoimhe and their cousins. All the children were fabulous so I got a lot of Kilkenny GAA photos that day. 

Cats in the Cradle is now available from my GAA page and The Hurley Depot in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny  also known as the Marble City is a beautiful medieval town and a great place to visit.  Lots to see and do here. There are beautiful parks and gardens and Kilkenny Castle is a must. Do you enjoy good food ??? Check out Kilkenny food festival on October Bank Holiday Weekend. a great time to saver the delights of this wonderful place. 

GAA image Girl hurley and sliotar

Castle Yard  Kilkenny Cats  Girl Power  Kilkenny  

GAA image boy and girl Kilkenny colours McCarthy Cup

Cats  McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny  Hurling 


GAA image Kilkenny Lad crying beside the McCarthy Cup

Can’t handle the pain  Cats  McCarthy Cup