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Cats and the McCarthy Cup

what you goon do when you grow up ???

McCarthy Cup   Sliotár   Hurley   Kilkenny Cats

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling

What you gonna do when you grow up ???

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling. Having done a GAA themed Fine Art Print Titled ” Birthright ” and dedicating it to the people of Kerry, it made perfect sense to turn to Kilkenny and their love for the McCarthy Cup.

Cats McCarthy Cup Kilkenny and Hurling

Cats McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny Hurling. Kilkenny Cork and Tipperary are known as the ” Big Three ” of hurling. Kilkenny have won the Senior All Ireland Hurling Championship thirty six times. Tipperary follow with twenty seven titles.  The championship has been played every year since 1887.  It is played on the first Sunday in September in Croke Park. If there are five Sundays in September the match is played on the second Sunday.

” In truth, hurling is a game all on its own. At the highest levels a joyous and ferocious ballet danced on grass. ” 

Dan Barry New York Times

Hurling has been played in Ireland for more than 800 years. Regarded as the greatest field sport in the world, it is a game of great skill  speed and dexterity.  The small ball can travel up to 150km/hr. CNN have listed the All Ireland Hurling Final  as second in “10 sporting events you have to see live ”  Not to worry if you don’t know what’s going on you’ll figure it out from the cheering and anguish of the fans. 

We have never heard sweeter music than that of the hurling field “

 “A hurling match is like a city of fire,  where the crackling of burning timber and the hissing of flames swell into the roar of conflagration. “

Michael Cusack


As always there are people to thank when it comes to access to the cup.  Mary Whelan from the  Design & Craft Council of Ireland and a big Kilkenny Hurling supporter got me access to the Liam McCarthy Cup.  Denis Rackard Coady the  “Keeper of The Cup ” very kindly allowed it to come to Kilkenny Castle Yard  for a few hours for the photos. 

  A special thanks to beautiful model/hurler Tomás Fitzgerald who turned up in the Kilkenny colours with his brother Micheál  and sister  Caoimhe and their cousins. All the children were fabulous so I got a lot of Kilkenny GAA photos that day. 

Cats in the Cradle is now available from my GAA page and The Hurley Depot in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny  also known as the Marble City is a beautiful medieval town and a great place to visit.  Lots to see and do here. There are beautiful parks and gardens and Kilkenny Castle is a must. Do you enjoy good food ??? Check out Kilkenny food festival on October Bank Holiday Weekend. a great time to saver the delights of this wonderful place. 

Kilkenny Hurling

Castle Yard  Kilkenny Cats  Girl Power  Kilkenny  

Fun in Castle Yard

Cats  McCarthy Cup and Kilkenny  Hurling 


Kilkenny Lad

Can’t handle the pain  Cats  McCarthy Cup



Greeting Cards Hospice Cards GAA Themed

Hospice Christmas Greeting Cards 


Every year since my mothers death I’ve done a painting to be printed as a christmas card for Kerry Hospice. Because Kerry Group so kindly sponsor the Hospice cards each year and they also sponsor the Kerry GAA team I did a GAA themed Christmas cards titled ”A very Kerry Christmas ” 

KITTY POWER ( COLLINS ) 03 AUG 1933 to 08 MARCH 2009 RIP

Eight years ago  my Mom died from cancer. Having had great support from Hospice, I wanted to give something back.  As an artist I decided to raised much needed funds by doing two  paintings and printing Christmas cards  from them.  The painting was called ” Little Sisters “. My husbands grandnieces Ciara and Rachael were the beautiful models for the cards. I took photos of them in glorious red dresses. At the time they were fabulous four year old twins and were a pleasure to work with. The cards got a great reception and were included in Kerry Hospice Christmas Cards a few years running

I relied on the kindness and goodwill of many people to sell the cards.  In Kildare Grainne Dunne from Maynooth  sold a substantial amount. My father Larry Power sold a lot at the bridge club in Celbridge. My brothers and sisters and many friends in Dublin were kind enough to buy the cards and sell them for me too. 

Half the cards were sold in Kerry again with lots of help from friends and family. A  big thank you to all of them too many to mention here. Hospice is a cause people are always willing to contribute to and do so very generously. With great assistance I raised approximately €5,000.00 split evenly between Kerry and Kildare Hospice.

I can’t mention Kerry Hospice Foundation without mentioning Ted Moynihan. Ted was named Kerry Person Of The Year  2017 by the Kerry Association in Dublin in January. He has been a tireless fundraiser for Kerry Hospice Foundation for many years. In 2007 a palliative care unit was opened, and last year work begun on a €6.2 million in-patient unit at Kerry General Hospital.

If you would like to be informed when the 2017 Christmas Cards ( GAA Themed ) and otherwise  come out please send me an email and I’ll be in touch.

A Very Kerry Christmas   Kerry Group  Kerry GAA Christmas Cards  GAA Themed Christmas Cards


Hospice Greeting Cards

Me and Cecelia   Hospice Christmas Cards Kerry Hospice Christmas Card Launch 2015


Kerry Jersey Kerry GAA

A Very Kerry Christmas  GAA Themed Christmas Card

GAA Themed Christmas Cards

Oil Paintings and Matching Cards   Little Sisters  A Very Kerry Christmas  Frosty the Snowman





Dublin v Kerry Match Allianz National Football League

Dublin Kerry GAA Dublin v Kerry Match Allianz National Football League

First Blood when the battle begins who will draw First Blood


Dublin GAA Kerry GAA Sam Maguire Croke Park

When the battle begins who will draw First Blood

Dublin v Kerry Match Allianz National Football League


When the battle begins who will draw First Blood ???  Dublin v Kerry Match Allianz National Football League. So it continues the ongoing battle  between Kerry and Dublin. Tension is building ahead of the game. The Kingdom is set to welcome the reigning champions  Dublin to Tralee this St Patricks weekend. There  will be a great atmosphere at the match. There always is when Kerry meet old rivals  Dublin.  It takes place in Austin Stack Park, throw in is at seven o’clock on Saturday. There are no more tickets available, and a large crowd are expected down from the Big Smoke  Who says that the Dubs don’t travel ??

Bookies reckon it will be a tight contest for the Dublin v Kerry Match Allianz National Football League.

It usually is between Dublin and Kerry. Paddy Power  gives the Dubs 4/5. They have been unbeaten an incredible 34 times. Kerry are priced at 5/4 and a draw is 15/2.  Kerry have the home advantage but Jim Gavin and his men can never be underestimated.

As a Dub living in the Kingdom I tend to sit on the fence during these matches which is kind of difficult when all around me are shouting for Kerry, there is always a great buzz when Kerry win.  Dublin could do with a knock at this stage and who better to do it than their old foes Kerry ?

For any of the ladies travelling down with a little time on their hands I highly recommend Nadur Spa at Ballingarry House Hotel just a short drive from Austin Stack Park. Banna Beach a few miles outside Tralee is one of Irelands finest beaches. Looking for a great cup of coffee ? Try the Roast House,  Kerrys only Coffee Roastery. Need somewhere nice to eat thats child friendly ? Yummy Cafe  has great food and a closed area for the kids. For great seafood check out Spa Seafoods on the way to Fenit across the road the Oyster Tavern also has  great seafood and a nice pint.

Enjoy the match. Have a wonderful weekend. Who will draw First Blood ??

Croke Park All Ireland Sunday

Dublin supporters  O’Neill’s Jerseys  GAA Kerry Dublin v KerryMatch Allianz National Football League



Picture Perfect Portrait Study Masters Feet

Picture Perfect Portraiture Old Masters.  I Studied at the Feet of the Old Masters.

Every year in January I take a break from painting.  This is usually because I’m worn out from it and also to improve my technique. So what I do is choose a few artists that I’ve discovered through social media and look through their work. To achieve  ”picture perfect portraiture old masters”, I believe  it is necessary to study at the feet of the Old Masters.  Generally speaking the Old Masters are the most recognised artists mostly painters from the Renaissance to 1800. There is always something new to learn from their vast array of work.

To me a picture perfect portrait is one that captures at the persons essence, their spark, or inner light.  While it is important to get the painting technically right, lights shadows etc its way more important the the painting speaks to you. I’m aware that  this painting of Muireann is not perfect, but  believe it  does capture a moment in time. Happily so as upgrading my technique was the object of the study.

For christmas I got a wonderful book by Daniel F. Gerhart called  ” Not Far from Home ”. Daniel’s work is light bright fresh and free. He makes skin tone appear luminous. This is the painting I did after studying his work.

Another artist that I have recently discovered on instagram is Aaron Westerberg.  There is an  old mastery  ‘look ‘  to his paintings which I love. Also his simplicity of style. I’m studying his work to  do a painting in his style soon. It won’t look like his work. It’s not meant to, the idea is to look and learn, absorb information but never ever to copy. Aaron has  kindly posted a very simple visual step by step post of  ”Vintage Rose ”  on instagram. Thank you Aaron your work is wonderful.

Picture perfect portraiture old masters Oil painting pensive little girl green three quarters profile






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