RMHC Gala Ball November 2017

RHMC Gala Ball

RMHC Gala Ball November 2017. Once again I’m delighted to be involved with fundraising for RMHC. Thank you so much to the person who purchased this print. Dublin V Mayo….to be continued……GAA image Two boys pulling the Sam Maguire

Sam and Stories

GAA Image Three boys Dublin Colours Lifting Sam Maguire CupAvailable as a Fine Art Print for Christmas. Comes with text

 Raised on Sam and Stories…heros’ of renown…..of battles fought and Hill 16 and dear Auld Dublin Town

Christmas Cards

Little boys pulling Santa. Little boy looking in Christmas bag GAA Theme


All images and many more available for Christmas

Three boys Dublin Jerseys Sam Maguire Cup


Little Boy looking into a Christmas bag

Dublin v Mayo Mighty Clash

GAA Image. Two boys pulling the Sam Maguire

Dublin v Mayo…….to be continued….

Dublin v Mayo Mighty Clash

Dublin v Mayo Mighty Clash. It’s nearly September and time for the mighty clash for the ultimate GAA prize the Sam Maguire. Who will it be this year ???  For Dublin it would be three in a row,  they won’t hand the cup over too easily. For Mayo it would be an awesome victory, having last won it in 1951.  As with First Blood, these images are subjective . I say   ” To the Victor the Spoils of War. ” This Fine Art Print will be available from my website from next week on.